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At noon on August 6, Mr. Tian, who lives in Tianjiawan Village, Nanzhou City, Zhuzhou County, parked his motorcycle on the side of the road not far from his office, Xingui Square. At 5 pm, Mr. Tian found that he was off duty. The Zhujiang motorcycle, which has its own value of more than 3,000, has disappeared. This can make Mr. Tian anxious. Mr. Tian immediately called the police. Mr. Tian gave a brief description of his motorcycle and informed the police on duty that he had a very effective message: On August 3, Mr. Tian gave his motorcycle to the Nanzhou police station in Zhuzhou County. Anti-theft registration. This key clue provides a clear direction for the police to solve the case.

At 1 pm on August 7, the Internet of Things Prevention and Control System Service Company received a notice from the police. The first time, through the IOT technology, the stolen motorcycle clues were provided to the police, and the police were assisted in finding the lost vehicles. Looking at the location of the stolen vehicle, through accurate search equipment, the police quickly determined that the stolen vehicle was located in a facade of Hetai Road. There were dozens of motorcycles parked in the gate, and the technology was screened. The stolen vehicle was quickly found out, and the vehicle was re-affirmed by comparing the frame number left by the owner when registering. At this time, the lock cylinder of the stolen vehicle has been changed, and the number plate has been taken down.

At around 2 pm, the police told the owner of the good news for the first time. From receiving the police notice to assisting the police in solving the case, it took less than two hours to use it. It is reported that this is the first stolen vehicle recovered according to law since Zhuzhou City began to promote the registration of electric vehicle anti-theft registration on August 1.

According to statistics, the number of electric vehicles in the country has exceeded 200 million, and such a large number of electric vehicles have become an important part of urban transportation. According to the statistics of the public security department, the annual proportion of cases of stolen electric vehicles accounted for about 30% of all property losses, and traffic accidents caused by electric vehicles accounted for more than 60%. The high incidence of theft and traffic accidents led to public security. Government departments need to invest a lot of manpower and resources. Our Internet of Things Safe City project is the best solution to solve this problem. It deploys IoT base stations in the city to realize real-time security supervision of people, vehicles and objects in the city.

The safe city Internet of Things system can supervise the vehicles with electronic tags installed. The owners can monitor their vehicles in real time in the mobile APP. The public security department can also effectively manage the vehicles in the urban area through the cloud platform.

In the case of a vehicle theft, the owner can have a one-click alarm in the APP, and the public security personnel can track the stolen vehicle in real time on the cloud platform. Using real-time data provided by the platform and on-board readers and handheld readers equipped with public security, public security personnel can quickly recover stolen vehicles. The system platform has powerful statistical and big data analysis capabilities, providing accurate analysis data for government functions (people gathering incidents, accurate witnesses of case witnesses, crime and violations, traffic optimization, etc.) to achieve rapid decision management.

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