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Wide application of RFID in aquaculture

February 20,2023.

When an epidemic breaks out, the RFID intelligent system can trace the livestock, and can also track and monitor the feeding, transportation, and slaughtering processes of the livestock, so as to better manage the cattle herd. Through this intelligent system, the health department can track animals that may be infected with diseases to determine their ownership and historical traces. The use of RFID tags with globally unique identifiers can quickly and effectively identify animals and collect data information. Each RFID tag can be connected to the database, which records the specific information of each cow such as date of birth, vaccination status, breeding status such as blood relationship, etc. At the same time, our intelligent system can provide real-time information on the whole process of cattle from birth to slaughter. , Detailed and reliable data information.

RFID electronic tags provide us with a set of practical methods for tracking and managing cattle, which can comprehensively record information about their feeding, growth, and disease prevention and control, and can also identify information such as the quality of beef and milk. In order to realize the traceable management of cattle and cattle products from feeding to final sales.

1. Application in traceability of cattle and cattle products
The data stored inside the RFID electronic tag is not easy to change and lose, coupled with the uniqueness of the tag, making the RFID electronic tag an electronic document that will never disappear. 100% one animal one label can be used to trace important information such as the breed, source, immunization, treatment and medication, and health status of cattle. When slaughtering animals with RFID tags, the information in the RFID tags is consistent with the data of the slaughterhouse. It is stored together in the display label of the supermarket that sells the meat of the cattle farm. Once a problem is found, it is beneficial to management and analysis, and the problem can be found in time to ensure the quality and hygiene of the meat product.

2. Application in daily management of livestock
The emergence of RFID non-contact electronic tags has enabled some automated quantitative feeding systems to be used. In addition to the automatic distribution of feed and production statistics, the RFID intelligent system can also be used for livestock identification, disease monitoring, quality control and animal breeds. It is an extremely effective way to track the health status of livestock and control the occurrence of epidemics.

3. Application in pet management
At present, many countries and regions have implemented RFID technology management for pets, and some cities in my country have also begun to apply RFID electronic tags in pet management. This kind of radio frequency identification technology (RFID) can accurately and effectively help us track and control pets in time. of various situations.

The role of RFID in animal husbandry:
1. Realize the intelligent and whole-process tracking management of individual beef throughout its life cycle to ensure food safety.
2. Give full play to the advantages of radio frequency identification technology (RFID), which is convenient, flexible and anti-pollution, especially suitable for batch operations.
3. RFID electronic ear tag, passive RFID reader, GPRS network, background database, RFID software, all components are closely integrated to ensure efficient operation of the tracking management system.
4. Can track and discover diseases and epidemics in time, help manage and reduce losses.
5. It can improve the status of my country's animal husbandry in the world and increase the export volume

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