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What is the range of HF RFID reader?

March 2,2023.

The range of a UHF RFID (Ultra High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification) reader can be affected by various factors such as power, antenna type, and environmental conditions. Generally speaking, the maximum range of a UHF RFID reader can reach several meters to tens of meters.

Specifically, the working range of a UHF RFID reader can be affected by the following factors:

1. Power: The higher the transmission power of a UHF RFID reader, the farther its working range will be. However, the transmission power is also limited by local regulations. Excessive transmission power may interfere with other wireless devices, and local regulations need to be .

2. Antenna Type: The antenna type of a UHF RFID reader also affects its operating range. Generally speaking, the directional antenna can increase the reading distance, while the loop antenna can increase the identification rate and anti-interference ability of the tag.

3. Tag type: Different types of UHF RFID tags have different radio frequency response characteristics, so the reading distance may also be different for different types of tags.

4. Environmental conditions: Environmental conditions can also have an impact on the working range of a UHF RFID reader. For example, in environments with high temperature, high humidity, high altitude or strong interference sources, the reading distance of UHF RFID readers may be affected.

In general, the working range of UHF RFID readers can be affected by many factors, and different application scenarios need to select appropriate equipment and parameters according to specific situations.

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