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What are the components of RFID reader/writer?

June 20,2022.

RFID readers are also differentiated into multiple types. For example, they can be divided into contact readers and non-contact readers according to different contact modes, and can be divided into general readers and special readers according to different applications. It can also be divided into many types according to different placement methods, such as desktop readers, fixed readers, handheld readers and so on.

The RFID reader can identify and record information such as the quantity and location of items through radio frequency identification, and realize the read or write operation of the tag identification code and memory data.

Components of RFID reader:

1. RFID antenna
It is mainly responsible for converting the current signal in the reader into a radio frequency carrier signal and sending it to the RFID reader, or receiving the radio frequency carrier signal sent by the tag and converting it into a current signal. The design of the antenna affects the working performance of the reader. It is very important to say that for the tag, its working energy is all provided by the antenna of the reader.

2. RFID radio frequency interface module
This module is the RF front-end of the RFID reader and is mainly responsible for transmitting and receiving. The modulation circuit modulates the signal to be sent and then sends it; the demodulation circuit amplifies the signal sent by the tag to ensure signal reception. .RFID radio frequency interface module is also a key part that affects the cost of the reader.

3. Reader logic control module
The logic control module is the control center and intelligent unit of the entire reader. When the reader is working, the logic control module sends out instructions, and the interface module performs different operations according to different instructions. The microcontroller can complete signal encoding and decoding, data encryption and decryption, and execute anti-collision algorithms; the storage unit is responsible for storing some programs and data; the application interface is responsible for communicating with the input or output.

The huge market space of RFID and long range rfid reader is about to open, and the key to the success of an enterprise is whether it can be firmly locked and captured before the demand is formed. With the development of the industry, the competition in the industry continues to intensify, and excellent domestic RFID companies pay more and more attention to the research on the industry market, especially the in-depth research on the industry development environment and product users.

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