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The basis for choosing the model of RFID reader

December 29,2021.

We know that the RFID reader is composed of three parts: antenna, radio frequency interface module and logic control module, and there are fixed and mobile readers, etc., which can be widely used in intelligent manufacturing and supply chain, digital warehouse management, assets Management and other fields. When purchasing a read-write device, in addition to understanding the requirements of the deployed RFID system for the reader, the model of the reader should be determined according to your position in the supply chain, as well as the purpose and location of the RFID reader. Choosing the correct reader is critical to the successful implementation of other tasks, mainly from the following four aspects:

  1. Combined use scenario: When choosing, you should select the appropriate product based on the specific use scenario. For example, in the warehouse entry and exit management, fixed RFID readers can be deployed on the gantry or other devices. In the warehouse inventory, the goods label information can be collected between the shelves through the handheld RFID reader, and in the industrial automated production line , You need an industrial-grade reader to complete station management.

  2. Working frequency: RFID tags can be divided into active tags and passive tags from the perspective of power supply status. From the point of view of operating frequency, it is divided into low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), ultra high frequency (UHF), etc. Each frequency has its characteristics and is used in different fields.

  3. Tag storage capacity: The memory capacity of the RFID reader determines how much data the device can store, and the memory capacity should correspond to the CPU processing speed.

  4. RFID performance: such as the reading speed and reading distance of the tag. The reading and writing distance of the reader is related to the performance of the reader, the size of the antenna, and the tag, and it will also be affected by environmental factors.

With the continuous development of RFID technology, readers will move towards multi-function, multi-standard compatibility, multi-band compatibility, miniaturization, multiple data interfaces, convenience, multiple smart antenna ports, embedded and modular development, and the cost It will also get lower and lower.

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