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Our UHF RFID Reader for Parking Lot

January 20,2021.

With the development of intelligent systems, we realized that the demand for RFID tag applications has far exceeded the scope of traditional retail and supply chain applications. What I want to focus on today is the use of UHF RFID readers in the intelligent parking lot management system.

The intelligent parking lot management system is a computer network composed of a management system and a channel identification system, and the network communication protocol adopts the tcp/ip protocol. The system can effectively, accurately and intelligently identify, collect, record and park on-demand data information of system vehicles (vehicles with electronic license plates) and non-system vehicles (vehicles without electronic license plates) entering and leaving the parking lot. Upload, process, and when necessary, can be supplemented by corresponding manual intervention to avoid the impact of abnormal events (non-system car in and out) and ensure that the system has efficient vehicle intelligent release capabilities.

UHF RFID readers

Combined UHF RFID advanced technology and many years experiences based on RFID market.

Our MR6221E UHF long range integrated RFID reader is more stable and can be used in various applications RFID reader communicates wirelessly through the antenna and RFID tag.

Realizing the read of tag identification codes and memory data, controlling unit and the reader antenna.

The RFID intelligent system not only improves work efficiency, saves manpower and material resources, reduces operating costs, prevents employees from charging for personal gains and fraud, and can make the entire management system is more secure and reliable.

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