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Operation mode of Wireless 2.4Ghz active RFID reader

June 4,2021.

The Wireless 2.4Ghz active RFID reader uses a built-in omni-directional antenna, including a radio frequency module, digital signal processing and serial communication interface, and can upload data in real time with a computer via USB cable or RS232. The 2.4Ghz active RFID reader has the ability to simultaneously detect multiple tags within a range of 100 meters, and the tag processing speed is fast. The long-distance recognition function and easy-to-use features make it an ideal choice for industrial applications. The Wireless 2.4Ghz active RFID reader can be easily installed indoors or outdoors, such as desks, walls and vehicles.

Wireless 2.4Ghz active RFID reader operation
Once the reader is powered on and connected to the network using any of the above connection options, it will establish a connection with the server software.
When a reader on the network is detected, the server assigns a reader unique identification number to the reader, which is used to identify the reader on the network. The detected tag is within the reading range of the RFID reader (5 meters). The tag's unique identification code will be sent to the server according to the operation mode of the reader, and the blinking of the tag detection LED indicates the activity of the tag near the reader.

Operation mode
1. Direct mode: In this mode, the reader collects information from the tag and immediately reports it to the server without storing it in local memory.
2. Network mode: In this mode, the reader collects the unique identification number from the tags detected near it and stores the information in its memory. This information will be sent to the server when the server makes a request in a poll between readers on the network. Once the tag information is successfully sent to the server, it will be deleted from the reader's memory. This mode is useful for streamlining information wireless networks.

The Wireless 2.4Ghz active RFID reader has two buttons that can report events or activities to the server in an emergency or according to business logic. Use these buttons to display predefined messages on the server.

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