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Choosing A Suitable RFID Tags For Your Business

December 28,2020.

RFID tags are an advanced method of equipment tracking. This technology has also been applied in more and more industries. Then we can learn about the different types of RFID tags and see which tag is more suitable for your business.

There are two basic types of RFID tags: active and passive.

1. Active RFID Tags

Companies prefer active RFID tags when they need to track real-time locations of various items. Active RFID tags operate on their own power source, usually a battery. This is how the ‘real-time’ aspect is made possible. Therefore, these tags are able to broadcast signals on a continuous basis.

Active tags also offer a more extensive range over which they can scan goods. Therefore, you might want to opt for active RFID tags if you have high-value goods to keep track of at all times.

Active tags are typically larger in size than passive tags. They are also robust in design so you don’t have to worry about them tearing off.

These tags do come with a downside of course. As their readable range increases, so does their cost. They come with a hefty price tag in comparison to passive RFID tags. This is why they aren’t feasible for low-cost items.

Moreover, in order to use active tags, companies might need to train their employees to use complex software programs associated with them.

2. Passive RFID Tags

Most companies use Passive RFID Tags more commonly due to the fact that they are less expensive to implement. They are an economical choice for many industries.

Moreover, they are also much smaller in comparison to active RFID tags, which is a plus point for companies that contend with small-scale items.

However, the downside is that passive RFID systems don’t have a power source of their own. Therefore, they need time to charge by drawing power from the RFID reader before any data transmission can take place. Another drawback is that passive tags come with less memory storage capacity in comparison to active tags.

If you’re looking to track high-value goods, then active tags are your best bet. However, if huge costs are a concern for you, then you should go for passive RFID tags.

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