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Application of RFID technology in unmanned convenience stores

June 16,2021.

There are many unmanned convenience stores, but they are basically inseparable from RFID technology. At present, one category of unmanned convenience stores is traditional retail led by Auchan, RT-Mart and Tianhong, and the other category is Internet companies represented by Li and Bingo Box, and another category are cross-border operating companies represented by Jiaranzhijia and Wahaha. What they have in common is that they are basically inseparable from RFID technology. RFID tags are affixed to each product for checkout and collection. In addition, it is also equipped with functions such as a monitoring system and remote customer service.

The unmanned stores based on RFID technology can be divided into the following three modes according to the use process:

1. Pre-identification (identity) mode;

2. No recognition (identity) mode;

3. Fully open mode.

(1) Pre-identification (identity style means that when users open the smart merchandise cabinet or the door of an unmanned store, they need to perform identity identification before shopping. For example, the unmanned store introduced by Auchan must first You can enter after scanning the QR code (identity authentication), which is a typical pre-identification) application. If the identification cannot be completed, consumers will not be able to make shopping! (The products are equipped with RFID Label and form the corresponding electronic bill)

(2) Identification-free] (identity) mode means that users can purchase goods without identification. Generally, such unmanned stores will be equipped with an access control system, and consumers can directly

After entering the store, after the consumer enters, the door is automatically locked, and the door can be reopened after the consumer completes the shopping and the payment is successful. (The goods are equipped with RFID tags and form corresponding Electronic bill)

(3) The fully open mode means that users can freely enter and exit the store, and can freely choose goods. The goods are equipped with RFID and QR code payment tags. After consumers choose the goods and scan the code to complete the payment You can go out. However, if you leave the shop without completing the payment, the access control system will automatically detect and alarm. The advantage of the fully open model is that it can solve the problem of multi-point shopping settlement, and at the same time store transformation

Relatively controllable. If this mode is equipped with a small number of service personnel and combined with the application equipment combination of the first two modes, it is particularly suitable for convenience stores and supermarkets to form a combination of manned and unmanned applications.

New model.

The retail industry itself has meager profits, especially in the convenience store scene. The unit price of goods is generally not high. Any increase in cost will pose a huge challenge to its profitability. RFID solutions have been One thing that has been criticized for a long time is the high cost. However, in recent years, with the development of technology and the increase in application scenarios, the cost of RFID tags has declined. And UHF RFID reader has a Some notable features are more popular, such as high sensitivity, the fastest data collection speed, the number of multiple tags, and low cost.

In addition, the full participation of RFID in unmanned retail/smart retail also urgently needs to solve many important issues such as recognition rate, system-level product standardization, material damage, and continuous research and development. Some professionals pointed out RFID, artificial intelligence^ big data, these three will become important factors to promote or restrict the realization of smart retail in the future.

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