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Application of RFID technology in express delivery industry

July 5,2021.

At present, the application of RFID technology in the express delivery industry mainly involves the following aspects: One is to use RFID technology to realize automatic and high-speed sorting of packages and express mails in the express distribution center using RFID technology and the relevant logistics information in RFID. In the case that our private small and medium express delivery companies generally use manual manual sorting, the use of RFID technology and an automatic sorting system can greatly improve the efficiency of sorting and win the advantage for express companies in the fierce industry competition.

Second, in the process of express shipment, through the long range RFID tags attached to the shipment, GPS technology is used to realize real-time tracking of the shipment, so that the sender and recipient can query the location of the shipment through the Internet, and get better Service experience.

The third is to manage the reusable assets of express companies such as vehicles, pallets, etc., and use the readable and writable characteristics of RFID to record asset-related information into RFID, and then cooperate with related systems to realize Lean management of assets now.

Although RFID technology has been applied in some parts of the express delivery industry, it also shows obvious effects of reducing costs and improving efficiency, but as a new technology, the current research and application are still not mature enough and need to be further improved. In the following aspects: First, the price is expensive. The price of each RFID label is often as high as hundreds of dollars.

The second is poor reliability. Compared with bar codes, the accuracy of active RFID tag reading data is not so satisfactory. In the FedEx test, they found the accuracy of reading RFID label data The accuracy is about 75%, and the accuracy of reading bar code data is as high as 99%. In actual application, the accuracy is more likely to be due to the nature of the items in the shipment (whether liquid, metal or electronic objects are contained). Product) and the location of the label.

The third is poor compatibility. The current RFID technology is not compatible with the existing system port technology and lacks a unified standard. Although it seems that there are still various problems in RFID technology, the flaws are not concealed. I believe that through continuous research by scientific researchers and continuous exploration and application in the express delivery industry, RFID technology will surely bring revolutionary breakthroughs to the express delivery industry in the future.

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