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Application Of Rfid Tags In The Field Of Clothing Retail

May 23,2022.

RFID screen identification technology can realize the application of brand anti counterfeiting, intelligent management, intelligent sales, intelligent anti theft, and intelligent experience in clothing sales, improve customer consumption experience, and quickly collect customer demand information.

For the increasingly rampant brand clothing counterfeiting, cross selling and other problems, RFID application can effectively solve the monitoring and management of clothing counterfeiting and cross selling. When receiving the goods from the logistics, the intelligent management seller can first check the label at the packaging of the goods through the handheld device to confirm the information of the goods. When the goods enter the store, they will be read by the access control equipment at the door of the store, and the detailed information of the goods will be transmitted to the database of the store to reconfirm the information of the goods and use them for pre sale processing. Clothing stores can use RFID signal reading and writing receivers to carry out warehouse inventory, and automatically analyze the tags read by the reader to know the actual number of clothing of a certain type, color, and model, to ensure inventory balance, and Timely replenishment to avoid the phenomenon that a certain garment is out of stock or out of stock in the clothing store and ensure the normal needs of customers.

The introduction of RFID based EPC identification information in the clothing industry can also effectively solve the problems of slow speed, low efficiency, high error rate, and poor interaction with customers in the clothing industry chain, improve the response speed of the clothing commodity supply chain, and improve clothing production and efficiency. The technological content and added value of retail can enhance consumers' experience of buying clothing, realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of clothing retail, and lay the foundation for the construction of clothing Internet of Things in clothing production, logistics and retail. At the same time, the formulation of the EPC label coding rules for clothing products will provide standards and rules for the storage, reading, and identification of clothing product RFID label coding information, and will also fill the gap in clothing product coding in the RFID field, and promote clothing RFID label coding. Fusion with existing GS1 system codes for clothing.

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