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Analysis of the help of rfid tags to enterprises in the era of 5G Internet of Things

July 3,2023.

In the era of 5G Internet of Things, RFID tag reading and identification technology can help enterprises improve efficiency and enhance business processes in many aspects. The following are several specific applications:


1. Material management and tracking: RFID tags can be used in conjunction with IoT devices to achieve real-time tracking and management of materials. Through the unique identification code of the label and the high-speed transmission capability of the 5G network, enterprises can realize real-time monitoring and management of information such as material inventory, flow direction and storage conditions, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of overall material management.


2. Supply chain visibility: RFID electronic tags can help achieve traceability and visibility of items in the supply chain. From material procurement, transportation to warehousing and sales, through real-time monitoring of labels, enterprises can accurately grasp the location, status and historical records of items, effectively reduce inventory loss, avoid inventory backlog and improve supply chain flexibility.


3. Intelligent asset management: Enterprises can use RFID tags to mark and manage fixed assets or high-value assets. Through the positioning and identification functions of tags, enterprises can easily track and monitor the location and status of assets, improve asset utilization, reduce losses and improve efficiency.


4. Safe and accurate payment: RFID tags can be integrated into mobile payment systems to realize fast, safe and contactless payment by sensing and reading tags. This method not only improves the convenience and speed of payment, but also reduces cash transactions and security risks.


In short, RFID tag technology can help enterprises optimize material management and tracking, supply chain visibility, intelligent asset management, and safe and accurate payment in the 5G Internet of Things era, improving the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises.

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