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Analysis Of The Application Of RFID In Musical Instrument Management (3)

August 5,2022.

Today, let's take a look at the application of RFID in musical instrument production line management. Through RFID technology, information technology means such as electronic labeling of products, material identification, and automatic recording of process operations are assigned to perform functions such as error-proofing, monitoring, real-time analysis and tracking, and realize error-proofing and lean production of product production.

First, initialize the RFID electronic tag. In the Heqin workshop, use the RFID handheld terminal machine to write the model of various pianos into the electronic tag, and bind the model to the inner wall of the piano box to form a unique correspondence between the label code and the model. The sealed harpsichord is scanned and stored in the warehouse, and the storage receipt is printed by the printer and the batch of semi-finished products is recorded. For the pianos that need to be reprocessed, complete the collection and delivery records between the workshops and the warehousing records after the process is completed. For pianos that need to be reassembled, they are transferred from each library to the assembly library for the next process. The process that needs to be reworked is transferred from the assembly library to the piano box library or the high piano library for processing and scanning and recording, and the mutual transfer between the warehouses is completed. The sales of finished pianos, and finally the sales and delivery of finished products and the records of customers and container numbers.

RFID electronic technology products are used in the management of musical instrument production lines, and RFID electronic tags are used for traceability management in the entire production process, which improves the efficiency of inbound and outbound storage, reduces the overall probability of errors, greatly improves production efficiency and product quality, and enables customers to real-time View the real-time inventory of each warehouse, workshop, and process, trace the production link of a certain piano and automatically generate statistical tables, reduce the statistical workload of managers, and greatly improve customer satisfaction.

The management platform integrated with RFID technology solidifies the daily management process into the operation process of the software platform, realizing the standardization and standardization of management.

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