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Advantages of RFID Fixed Assets System

February 11,2022.

Advantages of RFID Fixed Assets System

Advanced RFID Technology

The system integrates RFID technology, starts management from the source of assets, adopts "one object, one code", wireless scanning and inventory, features physical management, and aims to simplify the complexity to solve the inconsistency of accounts and cards. Through the combination of active RFID and passive RFID, assets are managed in an all-round way.

Flexible collection methods

Through the data collection terminal with stable performance, the use of mobile application technology brings convenience, accuracy, efficiency and rapidity to asset inventory and asset inventory work. At the same time, the standardized management of internal staff work is realized, which is convenient for evaluating and summarizing employees, and provides a basis for clarifying responsibilities and improving work.

Powerful permission assignment

Asset management and system maintenance are carried out according to different permissions and levels. The system is built according to the organizational structure of the enterprise, the administrator divides the corresponding use rights for different users, and the personnel of different levels view and manage the assets within their jurisdiction. The division of authority is detailed to each module and each operation button.

Comprehensive asset management

The system manages the entire asset life cycle. Record, track and manage the whole process from asset storage, addition, maintenance, borrowing, return, transfer, change, transfer, inventory, depreciation, return to the warehouse, and scrapping. On the basis of using active RFID, it can also carry out illegal departure of assets, demolition alarm, record of asset activity trajectory, and even low-power management of active RFID tags.

complete statistics

Provide data import and export, batch addition, transfer, modification, asset operation, login, exception log, and asset management is easier. Provide all kinds of reports required for fixed asset management, export data to Excel, provide multi-angle data query functions, and retain query conditions.

Utilize RFID technology to reduce repeated purchase costs, reduce audit costs, reduce equipment loss, and improve asset utilization. At the same time, based on RFID technology, it can be read at a long distance, in batches, and quickly, which can greatly improve the efficiency of inventory.

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