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2.4Ghz active RFID tag for assets control,management more convenient

March 25,2021.

Recently, RFID technology makes a different for assets control. It can recognize and record the quantity or position of the item with its wireless identification function, which makes management more convenient, double efficacy.

RFID technology can track and manage the goods for reducing the product order and shipping cycle, delivery time and reduce inventory targets. Meanwhile, it can accelerate replenishment speed, inventory and other operations, improve the efficacy as well as reduce the costs.


1.ABS maternal, heat resistant

2.0-80m reading range

3.Easy usage for items tracking

4.Card type water-proof design

5.Continuously testing stability to ensure long stable work under

6.Long communication distance and good performance of anti-collision

7.Strong security and fast reading speed 

Using the handed device reads the RFID electronic tag, real-time information is uploaded to the back-end system via mobile communication network to achieve the goal of minimizing inventory and maximizing product turnover. If it has no necessity for updating the data, reducing the cost of data transmission.

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