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RFID Solution for Pet Identify and Livestock Tracking

September 4,2018.

RFID Solution for Pet Identify and Livestock Tracking

Losing a pet you love is devastating. Microchips help them find their way home. It's also a quick and easy way of protecting your pets identification for life.


If you need a microchip for your pet, you have come to the right place. We are a RFID manufacturer and can provide the RFID readers and tags for pets.


At present, we have LF Key Ring Reader MR1052, it is a small one and easy to know the tag ID.

LF Handheld Reader MR1053, supports BLE 2.0 + 4.0 wireless transmission and USB 2.0 communication and charging interface.

LF Bar Reader ZR004, with unique rob antenna design, it is waterproof & ductproof for harsh environment, support ISO 14223 and 11784/85 protocol.

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