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RFID Based Classroom Response System

September 4,2018.

RFID Based Classroom Response System

System Summary

Classroom Response System (CRS) are also referred to as Classroom Response Technologies, Classroom Polling Systems, Clickers Response Systems or Student Response Systems.

System Architecture

It consist of EdTech Clicker that students use to response to questions and a EdTech Access Point that collects the student response data. With this technologies, lectures can design multiple choice questions for students to answer. Responses are instantly tabulated via Access Point (end software part). The teacher can view responses in real time and can also share this visual with student using a whiteboard or projector.

System Benefits

Assess knowledge

Increase engagement

Real attendance

Monitor progress

Measure performance

Quiz, test & grade

Reinforce key issues

Eliminate inefficiency

Parent-child interaction

Main Device

HX301Z EdTech Access Point

HX501 EdTech Clicker

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