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Automatic temperature measuring gate for attendance (MR7901TK)

(MR7901TK) measures the temperature through infrared technology without contact. Combined with the RFID technology, when people pass the metal gate, it will take the temperature automatically and screened the people who got fever and then the gate will give an alarm.

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Product Details

Automatic temperature measuring gate for attendance (MR7901TK)

barrier-free attendance measuring gate : when the people taking RFID electronic tag pass by, it will automatically punch in.

★ non-inductive temperature measuring: measure the forehead temperature of the people who pass the gate. temperature precision: ± 0.3℃, measuring distance: 0.05-0.3meters. Applicable environment :(indoors wind)

★multiple defense area technology: 18 detection defense area, the sensitivity of each detection defense area can be adjusted arbitrarily (with adaptive adjustment technology), and with high brightness LED alarm indication, accurate positioning prohibited articles;

★large screen: 7-inch operation LCD screen with new debugging program interface, of which the operation is more simple and easy to understand;

★detection of objects: can detect magnetic, non-magnetic and alloy metal; (customized)

★super shell protection technology: IP55 superior protection ;

★alarm data statistics: equipped with intelligent counter for the volume of commuters and alarm times, real-time and automatically shows alarm times and the number of people in and out, 100,000 records of large capacity information which convenient to consult;

★function of alarm : alarm light, alarm sound, arbitrary adjustment Settings;

★password: password  protection is of good safety which only allows authorized person to operate;

★body safety: harmless to heart pacemaker  wearing people, pregnant women, magnetic media and etc.

Vertical outlook dimension:2230mm (height)×835mm (width)×580mm (depth)

Vertical passage dimension:1990mm (height)×700mm (width)×500mm (depth)

Net weight:65KG

Operating voltage:AC90V~240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption:6-18 area

Operating frequency range:0~999 adjustable

Working  Ambient temperature:-20℃~65℃

Installation  environment:width100cm*length200cm(minimum range of Metal free) Sheet transverse

Accuracy area detection range of metal objects:Maximum sensitivity<6g metal

Display screen:7 inch of LCD screen, new debugging program interface, simple to handle and understand

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