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2.4Ghz Long Distance Active smart card RFID Reader

2.4Ghz long distance rfid reader: MR3104E is directional integrated reader, durable long range rfid reader,and it is dustproof and waterproof, suitable for outdoor environment.

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    RS232/RS485/RJ45/Wiegand 26/34
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    80 meters
Product Details

2.4Ghz Long Distance Active smart Card RFID Reader

Long Distance Active smart Card RFID Reader MR3104E 

1.MR3104E directional reader is suit for directional identify.

2.MR3104E apply in long distance outdoors/indoors tracking.
3.It's capable of identifying,tracking and orientating more than 200pcs active tags on one time.
4.Smart card RFID reader communicates wirelessly through the antenna and RFID tag.
5.Realizing the read of tag identification codes and memory date,controlling unit and the reader antenna.
6.The RFID reader is also called reading device,communication device and scanner reader.
7.The electromagnetic clutch is coupled with radar principle.
8.Inductively coupled with transformer model.

Long Distance RFID Reader Specification

Material: Aluminum, PVC

Dimension: 315*195*68mm
Weight: 1700g
Installation: Wall Mount Type
Reading Range: 80m (Directional)
Signal Modulation Type: GFSK
Communication Speed: 1Mnps
Working Frequency: 2440MHz
Max receive Sensitivity: -85dbm
Antenna Gain: 14dbi
Communication: RS232/RS485/Ethernet (RJ45)/Wiegand 26/34
Working Current: 120mA
Working Voltage: 9V DC

long range rfid reader

Our Advantage

1.0-80 reading range
2.Water proof & Dustproof
3.Easy usage for people tracking
4.Microwave RFID card reader reaches strong penetrability
5.Dual polarization antenna design,ensure RF signal more stable and powerful
6.Long Communication distance and anti-collision performance

7.Strong security,stability and fast read speed reading


1.Zone tracking Management  2.Student attendance system  3.Commodity flow control and tracking management

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